Many businesses struggle to get their website content to convert...

And if you can't convert then you can't grow.

So aside from bland copy, what else stops users from converting?

Let's take a look at an example in action... 🍿

Arrow button that scrolls back to the top of the page

Meet Today's Website Visitor

This Is George.

George is very tired, he's had a long day at work.

He's going on a well deserved vacation and needs to get his camera fixed.

George lands on Business A's homepage and reads their offer

Here's what happens next...

A picture of george, who has dark hair and is wearing a shawl neck sweater
Buckle up....
It's user journey time
George is confused
Issues found:

Poor contrast
Issues with the button
CTA, titles, & spacing
An image of a website homepage showing a vague heading, poor contrast, long title headings, and badly designed buttons
Current mood:
George isn't sure if you can help. He's thinking about leaving, he scrolls down

Section 2
Okay, this is a bit better

Guys we're pulling it back!
The second section of the website shows two headings with a portion of text underneath. The heading titles say, The Problem, and How you fix it.
Submit form
George has decided that he wants to get a quote.

He fills out the form, but there's a problem and he can't proceed...
Image of a submission form. It has three fields, the first is for the users name, but the other two are not important and stop Clint from proceeding. One say's enter star sign, the other asks for a phone number and is highlighted in red, with the text we don't need this, but hey!
George leaves
George doesn't want to be called or spammed

He feels that the risk outweighs the value so he leaves and heads to a competitors website
Picture of business execs looking disheartened because of a plummet in sales
Scenario 2
George lands on Business A's freshly optimised website and has a great experience.

Trust and enjoyment level: High

And so, with optimisation assembled...
An image showing all of the items that will be looked at during the audit. They include words like layout, structure, images, colours, user flow, navigation, body, storytelling, and video
George makes a purchase

A gif from the office showing the character with a smiley shocked face
Yeah 😎 🎉

picture of people dancing after a user hits the buy button
George says thanks!
George got what he needed.
Mission accomplished.

He'll be recommending Business A to his friends
A picture of George on vacation using his fixed camera
That was an example of storytelling...

Are you doing this on your website to increase engagement?

Interested in User experience design? Check out my cine app case study with Google

Making everything better even by 1% can radically boost your conversion Rates.

Apply the 1% rule and see the results compound.
Optimise Your Content
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